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Review Requests

Book Reviews:

   Here at She Imagines It book reviews range from short and sweet to long and rambly, but always honest. The length of the review does not reflect a positive or negative review, it simple means I may have had more to say on that particular day. In each review I give the Title, Author, Publication, and synopsis when available along with my personal and honest feelings and thoughts on the book. I try no to rate each book on a starred scale, with so many amazing and unique books out there its hard to fit them into nicely rated boxes. Instead I try to focus on the books ability to please others and maintain a long life on my shelves.
  All books reviewed on She Imagines It are either purchased by me, gifted to me or received in exchange for an honest review. I do not accept monetary compensation for my reviews.

What I review:
  My reading tastes lie mainly in the realm of Young Adult Fiction. I gravitate more towards to paranormal, supernatural, fairy tale retellings and low level science fiction and fantasy. On a occasion I will read YA contemporary if the story feels right. I also tend to dabble in New Adult fiction and will almost try any new NA author once, however, I am not interested if the story is mainly explicit content.
   I do not read historical fiction, high fantasy and sci-fi, and nonfiction. It usually just ends up confusing me or making me sad neither of which I enjoy feeling when reading. 

Interested in Requesting a review?

  If you're interested in requesting a book review please note that reading and reviewing is my hobby, not my job (I'm already burdened with one of those) and I can not guarantee a review by a specific date, but will certainly try to work with you in a timely manner. I also post my reviews to GoodReads and on occasion Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites.
I am accepting request from both Publishers and Indie Authors, and  accept both print copies and digital copies compatible with the Nook device and Kindle App. 

Please send me a personalized email at Jennycam0314(at)att(dot)net with your request. Please DO NOT send me a generic mass email with your book as an attachment. Those emails are automatically put in the trash.

I am also interested in participating in Blog Hops, Tours, Cover Reveals, Etc. Just shoot me an email.

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